Friday, November 14, 2008

Computer Graveyard = precious metals

Sometimes scrap yards will pay a little for discarded computer cards. To my knowledge computer monitors don't have any recycling cash value. The motherboards and PC cards that fit in motherboards have trace amounts of precious metals in the and will yield a tiny bit of folding money.

Today's recommendation:

Hoard Aluminum

Sit on it until the price goes back up!

Having started into this hobby that pays cash with Scrap Steel, and having heavy steel wreck my back and ruin the front brakes of my pick up truck, I resolved to seek mostly scrap aluminum over heavy steel.

Right now I'd suggest we hoard our aluminum due to the fact that the scrap yards are only paying a little more than half what we got paid for scrap aluminum just a few months ago.

Gasoline prices haven't been this low for a year, and prices paid for aluminum are LOWER than Gas was a year ago.

For example, when gas prices were at todays level a year ago we got paid $.40 to $.50 a pound for cans. Yesterday from Reliable Recycling in Frederick Maryland I received the following prices:

Mixed Aluminum- $.20 pound
Aluminum siding- $.30 pound
Aluminum cans- $.35 pound

The pieces of aluminum window frames that I got from the window company dumpster I hit regularly see this post from earlier in this blog) were not paid at the rate extruded pays...

I hadn't gone to the trouble of cleaning the zinc clips that hold the glass to the window so they only paid me for mixed aluminum.

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Hal P. said...

We're hoarding the aluminum at my church too. That and copper.

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