Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Demand for aluminum tanked on east coast

In my last post I suggested that we hoard aluminum

That recommendation carries even more weight now that I've begun calling the scrap yards around me for current prices paid.

I talk about aluminium more here because of the ratio between how much work is involved and how much you get paid for scraping the metal. The ROI is or was better for aluminum than, say steel scrap metal... Copper on the other hand has a better ROI considering ONLY these factors:

  • How heavy the damn stuff is

  • Steel beams are hard on your back

  • Steel beams are hard on your pick up truck

  • How much can you get for the time spent/invested?

  • bundled aluminium cans

    The problem with scraping copper is that every one is doing it, it's virtually impossible to ask someone: "can I have that copper please?" and have them say "Yeah, sure, go ahead".

    Everyone and their brother collects copper, the local plumbing contractor knows what the stuff is worth, it's so high he can afford to have his employees go to the scrap yard ON THE CLOCK!.

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    The news Media bombarded us with "the police can't get enough ammunition because the military used it all" ...

    So there's not much ROI in going after copper, not if everyone is into the mix.
    What WE want to do is... do something that pays us, but everyone else thinks: "it's not worth it"... we want our ROI to be high enough, but we want to keep our hand close to our chests (poker analogy)

    So... go get aluminium but hoard it, keep it somewhere, stash it...


    Because we had a mild summer in the US, it IS going to get cold.. and the frigid weather WILL send the price of aluminium UP

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