Saturday, August 02, 2008

Scrap Metal You don't have to steal it

You do NOT have to steal to get scrap metal.

Business will give it to you.


No sh*t.

Businesses have to pay by the ton when they pay for thier garbage/refuse disposal.

The way a dumpster company works is:

1 they charge rent on the dumpster.
2 they charge a fee for dumping the dumpseter (called a pull charge)
3 they charge who ever is renting the dumpster what the landfill charges them to dump.

Dump Fees are going way WAY up

There are damn few new landfills being built. No municipality wants a landfill in thier back yard.

Here are the unwritten, unspoken *rules* for going through a business dumpster with permission:

1. Clean up after yourself (Dogs dont even deffacate where they eat)
If you leave broken glass, small screws on the pavement where the dumpster is...

Don't make the guy sorry he let you do this.

The shipping recieving clerk who let gave you permission will revoke your permission.

Warehouses and factories have insurance policies, their insurance company is probably going to take a dim view of having a non employee fall from a dumpster on the company property!

...and take a dimmer view of you falling on some sharp object inside the dumpster!

therefore, rule 2 is:

2. Be discrete. Do not pull your truck up to a dumpster when the place is open for business... at least time your scavenging sorties so there isn't employees filing in for work, a mass exodus of employees going home, ditto for lunch time.

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