Thursday, July 31, 2008

tax free... but not for long

Many of my friends have quit their jobs because with today's scrap metal prices, they can make more money recycling then they did as someone elses employee.

If you earned $500 a week, and took home $350 out of that... and then you discover that you can easily make $200 a day (assuming you have a suitable pick up truck, preferably a 3/4 ton)

Then you find out that no one is recording how much you made... therefore IRS nor the state's comptroller (or whatever your state calls it's local IRS)knows how much you made...

Then it dawns on you:

If I was working a *real* job and took home $350 and now I'm taking home (after $60 a day in gas- see )

and now I'm taking home $700!!!

hmm, so tell me more about this scrap metal dumpster diving!

Ok, you really should get permission, many scrap recyclers do not, but when I did it I found it easy to get permission...

You see, a company (warehouse, factory, outlet of some kind) has to pay by the ton for what goes into their dumpster.

A Roll Off company charges: so much a month rent on the *can* (truck driver lingo for dumpster), then the charge a "Pull Fee", for removing and replacing the dumpster, then somebody has to pay the dump fee... and with Maryland dump fees we're talking at least $60 per ton.

so a shipping / recieving clerk, manager is very likely to authorize you pulling some serious wieght out of his dumpster!

And about the tax free part of this really neat deal?

it's non of the governments damn business how much money you make! baby!

Put the IRS out of business... Fair Tax is a national sales tax... a modified version of the fair tax goes like this:

everyone that earns less than, say, $27,000 a year gets all thier money back.

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