Thursday, August 07, 2008

Don't Steal the Steel, they'll give it to you.

I'm really sorry to have to repeat this post but a few of us are screwing it up for the rest of us.

Here it is again:

Warehouses, Factories, Farmers, People with junk cars... they will give you the steel scrap for free... all you have to do is ask.

You do NOT have to STEAL the Steel.

rules for getting steel free:

1. clean up after yourself. Don't leave screws and shards of bent metal for the company who is letting you go through it's dumpster to get flat tires.

2. The shipping & receiving clerk will get in trouble if he gets caught (by the corporate insurance underwriter) letting you go inside the company dumpster.

do it just after the close of business hours, not as employees are filing in to clock in.

3. If you want the shipping receiving clerk to do something for you, do something for him/her
I offered to take all the junk pallets, clean out his yard...

in return he left all the scrap I wanted, even loaded it into my pick up and my trailer with HIS forklifts.

4. make a scheduled stop agreement with the shipping receiving clerk. go every Wednesday and keep your word, even if sometimes you show up and there's no scrap.
KEEP your SCHEDULE... don't make him sorry he agreed to this.

Let's say he leaves some heavy scrap out and you don't show up...
his boss is gonna chew him a new A**HOLE for not putting it in the dumpster.

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