Sunday, June 29, 2008

Anything China needs makes us money

When I started this blog, before my father died of cancer in July 2005, at that time the price of scrap steel was at a 6 year high.

In China, El Nino or global warming had made the earth's climate dry where it used to be wet, and hot were it used to be cold, and cold where it used to be warm and so on.

The Yangtze River froze over, and China's booming industrial might was starved for iron ore and/ or scrap metal.

One out of 4 human beings is a Chinese.

Fast forward to 2008

Scrap prices are Double what they were in 2005

no duh

and I don't have a pick up truck right now (I do, but it doesn't have tags on it yet)

more coming soon... this is incredible, I promise...

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