Monday, August 14, 2006

Being Green is not just 4 Democrats

Green is the new Red White and Blue...

It's not just for the commie marxist dems anymore...

girly man
tree hugger

Being Green used to be assoicated with Being Commie
Just watched an interview while surfing cable… saw a usually left wing interview show
and I’m surprised

Now this is coming from a die hard republican:
I’m known as both an Oxy and a Moron
I’m a liberal-ish Republican…
Free Trade?, yup
Price supports? NO
Big Government? NO
Income Re-distribution? PLUEEEZZ!

IRS? go screw themselves, and the cpa’s that go with em...

Flat Tax?, better than what we’ve got now
Fair Tax?, now you’re talking!

Being Green is not just for commie liberals

Why can’t I go down to my local Chevy Dealer and buy one of those Brazil flex fuel cars, that run on any mix of ethanol and gas?

Why is our ethanol made from corn?
Why is Sugar Beets a better source of ethanol, but we’re stuck with corn?

I’m sure this post is going to piss off both the Newt Gingriches/ Rush Limbaugh types AND the traitor commie Hienz Catchup loving White Water, sell us out to China lefties so….
send me an email to vent your frustrations:

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