Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dangers of going through dumpsters

You dont HAVE to go through dumpsters to recycle...
Aluminun is king of the cash in your pocket...

As the price of electicity goes up (engery in general) the cost of producing Aluminum goes up. Aluminum comes from Bauxite, and it's refined with large amounts of electriciy.

You can collect soda and beer cans if you dont want to rummage through dumpsters.

I've been conducting an experiment, every day, when I have slack time, going out to get cigarettes, going to the laundrymat ... I scan the parking lot for cans.

To date, I've been earning a tax free $10 hour just with soda/ beer cans.
I average $30 an hour going to the window dumpsters and venitian blind dumpsters.

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