Sunday, November 09, 2008

Collect Pallets to get the Scrap Metal

Pallets are worth BIG money

Here's exactly how I got several warehouses and factories to GIVE me their scrap metal.

1.) I drove past a warehouse in an industrial park in Columbia or Baltimore County Maryland to see which ones had dumpsters over filled.

2.) Looked around to see if the warehouse also had pallets piled up.

3.) Checked out the sizes of and condition of those pallets. The pallets that are in demand and easily sold to a pallet reconditioning outfit are: 48" X 40".
If the pile of pallets were NOT the 'good ones', if they were rotting, broken etc. THEN...

4.) I walked up to the shipping and receiving clerk and asked who was in charge. I offered to take away ALL of the pallets, good ones or not in exchange for permission to pull scrap metal out of his/her dumpster.

Mission accomplished!

I sold what ever pallets were any good and arranged to have EXCLUSIVE access to the scrap metal!

I really did this, it works.

Load of recycled pallets in Maryland

I did make money doing this, but never had a truck this big.

Do the math... each one of those pallets is worth $1.00 wholesale, $3 wholesale if the pallets are 'two way'. A two way pallet is the one that has notches cut into the 'runners'. That way a forklift can pick them up from either angle.

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