Saturday, August 30, 2008

Collecting Cans = Panhandling?

T Boone Pickens is telling us that we're about to suffer the largest transfer of wealth in history.

Who are we giving all this wealth to?

The same people who're trying to kill us...

In World War Two Americans all pitched in for the war effort- they collected scrap and piled it high, to keep our soldiers well armed and to help keep them safe.

Now, the apathy for recycling many of us have is abominable.

Until we change attitudes about collecting aluminum cans we're not going to put a significant dent in the transfer of wealth issue T Boone Pickens is warning us about

Many people equate collecting cans from the side of the road with panhandling???

What were they thinking?

What happens when we collect cans?

  • The landfills last longer/ aren't filled up with renewable resources

  • Every time the price of electricity goes up, the price of aluminium goes up- why?
    Aluminum comes from bauxite
    Bauxite takes massive quantities of electricity to process into aluminum

  • It's patriotic to keep our country Green

  • It's patriotic to help win energy independence

  • pan handling?
    come on now people.

    You don't recycle because you get paid...
    the cash is a minor side effect:

    Green is the new Red, White and Blue

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