Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scrap Prices Bounce Back

There hasn't been much to post about since the prices paid for scrap fell... now scrap prices have bounced back!

Here in Frederick Md aluminum cans have risen from a low of $.35 a pound back up to $.65 a pound

Scrap Recycling Prices

The London Metal Exchange seems to be THE place to gauge the current prices being paid worldwide. Prices listed there reflect the auction price and not local prices.


The London Metal Exchange or LME is the futures exchange with the world's largest market in options, and futures contracts on base and other metals. As the LME offers contracts with daily expiry dates of up to three months from trade date, along with longer-dated contracts, it also allows for cash trading. It offers hedging, worldwide reference pricing, and the option of physical delivery to settle contracts.

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