Sunday, August 02, 2009

Church Hit 2X by Copper Theives

Atlanta Georgia, the NBC channel 11 reports that Theives have hit the same church twice robbing it of copper in the building's heating and air conditioning system.

ATLANTA -- At Trinity AME Church in Southwest Atlanta, Rev. Dr. Jeffery Cooper is tired of being tested.

"I think this is the lowest theft you can do to steal anything from the House of God," Rev. Cooper said.

For the second time in two weeks, thieves stole copper from the air conditioning units that keep the church daycare center cool.

"They pried them open, shut the power down and dismantled each unit for the copper," Rev. Cooper said.

The latest hit happened late Friday night at the church on Lynhurst Drive. Five brand new a/c units were destroyed.

After getting hit the first time, the church beefed up security with double, even triple locks, but the thieves found a different way to get in, get what they wanted and get away.

"The money they'll get for the copper is nowhere near the cost of having to replace these units," Rev. Cooper said.

Sunday's service included a special offering since the church will have to replace the a/c units at a cost of about $10,000.

And there's no time to waste.

It's too hot, and too many families rely on the church for child care.

"Once again, we're under attack," Rev. Cooper said.

Rev. Cooper wants to warn other churches about what happened, and he's hoping someone will help police find the thieves responsible.

"No person who takes from God is going to be able to gain in the process," Rev. Cooper said.

As many as 100 children attend Trinity Daycare Center.

They'll be moved to a different part of the church campus until the a/c units can be replaced.

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