Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just because the price is down isn't a reason to not recycle

There are plenty of benefits to recycling... in my last few posts I suggested, no I Recommended that we hoard aluminium. But this is not to say don't recycle!

You can recycle cardboard, other metals besides steel, recycle everything, I'm just saying it will get cold and the price paid for aluminium will go up so just sit on it for a while. 

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You see, in the summer people don't like to keep cans because of the bees and other insects they attract. In direct sunlight the sugar in the soda cooks...

It's winter now, well, almost. It's cold enough to keep cans in your back yard until spring.


Here's a graph I found on just how much crap is in our landfills:

landfill contents graphed out

It seems that 37% of the contents of landfills is paper, only 10% is metal.

You can get cash for cardboard at recycling centers, not all of them, but most

Next Post will be current prices for various scrap metals. I intend to make daily reports on current scrap metal prices being paid in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Until the scrap yards get suspicious of me calling everyday that is.

Think about it: If you were paying LESS than your competitor, you wouldn't be very keen on telling the whole world... would ya?

One place I called today told me that they were hoarding as well, they're paying roughly half what they paid a month ago and weren't even sure they could sell what they currently have next year.

Oh, I got the graph from this site:
I looked that site over and they had some pretty relevant stuff on it. This blog is about recycling on the east coast and those people are on the west coast, but good info there anyway.

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